We Took Time to Create the Paint Can Closer So You Can Work Faster, Safer, and More Securely

Mike Lupelow worked at Ace Hardware store for about five years. He closed a lot of paint cans. He saw the crimped cans. He worried about a tight seal so it wouldn’t leak or spill. Those extra seconds to tap, tap, tap, tap, tap to insure a properly sealed can slowed him from working with other customers. He said, “There’s got to be a better way and a quicker way to close paint cans than hammering away on them.”


When Mike went to college he took a design class and was assigned the challenge to invent a product. He remembered the time, effort, care, and energy needed to close those thousands of paint cans. Couldn’t there be a better way? Yes!

Mike invented the Paint Can Closer. One hit with a hammer dispersed the energy from the center. It radiated outward to the edges and gave 100% even and immediate pressure to all edges of a quart or gallon sized paint can lid.

Mike also knew the frustration of always looking for that little paint can opener. So he added a place to store the opener right inside the Closer.

Jill Nesbitt saw the video below. She had painted and was intrigued by the simple solution to a common problem. This tech seemed perfect for her new start-up company.

The Journey from Design to Your Doorstep


  • The original model effectively sealed both quart and gallon paint cans… but it was bulky and heavy. Could it be made lighter? Design engineers adjusted the weight by carving away some of the solid plastic.
  • The early model was of rigid plastic. Could we find a plastic that was more flexible and could take repeated poundings? They experimented with a variety of plastics to find a material that is designed to be sturdy, long lasting, and shatter-proof.
  • The first edition didn’t take into account paint splattering. That was important to the company, so the design was altered a little. We added a lip that overhung the edge of the can. This is designed to stop a spatter and to direct any excess paint straight down.


  • For shipping and storing on store shelves, the invention needed to be stackable. That required additional design and interior modifications.
  • Originally the paint opening key simply slipped into the slot on the top. Alas, it also slipped right out, perhaps not when you wanted it to. The design team added a locking mechanism to keep it in place even when the Paint Can Closer was turned upside down.
  • Jill wanted the product to be Made in America. Could she find a company to manufacture and ship her technology? Yes. She actually found one in her home state of Tennessee – Innovate Manufacturing. They will do the injection molding necessary to produce the Paint Can Closer.

T_05Paint Can Closer is now in production. Check your local paint, hardware, or lumber store for the Paint Can Closer. Or click here to order it online.

For more information about how to carry the Paint Can Closer in your store, click here.