Paint Can Sealer: Great for the DIYer

Painter? Interior designer?

Are you a DIYer? If you are, your projects probably include painting…something. Whether it’s the house, the fence, furniture,

Paint Can Sealer

Paint Can Sealer

or even a new chicken coop, you’re probably using paint to make it look spectacular. But there’s a problem with paint. Paint isn’t cheap and you’d love to use it for other projects. But closing the can isn’t easy. It’s like trying to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle. And if you don’t get it right, you’ve wasted good paint.

That’s why we came up with Paint Can Sealer. It’s so simple and revolutionary, you’ll be wondering why no one has come up with it before. With just one good tap with your hammer, you can seal your cans easily. Check out our Kickstarter page and donate. You’ll be the first to get this amazing new tool.

We need your help to fund our KickStarter campaign so we can manufacture our very first batch of Paint Can Sealers. Please share your email address with us so we can let you know when the campaign goes live!

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