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According to the popular interview question, “How many gallons of white house paint are sold in the US each year?” The answer is 100 million gallons of paint are sold – and since 80% of houses are white, 80 million is the final answer. That’s a lot of messy paint cans! The only existing competitive product that closes a paint can is for professionals and costs $250. This is simply not economical for the average consumer. Our paint can sealer is unique! It is inexpensive, simple to use and easy to store.

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[box type=”bio”] Thinking about those 100 million cans of paint sold every year, we know most of those are sold through retail stores. The paint department employees in these stores deal with opening and closing cans of paint all day long. Our paint can sealer product would certainly make their life easier. There are over 27,000 retail stores selling paint in the U.S. and if almost every store purchased two of our sealers, that adds up to 50,000 products sold. Designed to be long-lasting, these stores may only need to replace 10%/year so after year one, we estimate 5,000 sealers to be sold each year.[/box]

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[box type=”download”] Retail Outlets that would stock the paint can sealer: There are a significant amount of paint stores and retail outlets that would be interesting in featuring the paint can sealer on their shelves. For example, Sherwin-Williams just opened its 3,500th retail location in North America. The company’s net sales in its Paint Stores Group is over $5 billion annually.

The Home Depot has 2,256 stores located throughout the United States

Wal-Mart operates 4,177 stores in the U.S

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. has 1,754 stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.[/box]