How Hard Is It to Close a Paint Can?

With the New Paint Can Closer, it’s a snap… or a tap. One tap with a hammer and the can is safely and securely sealed! That’s it. No mess, no problems, just a tight, secure seal. Each time. Every time. Saves time and saves money.

It works on both quart and gallon paint cans. It also includes a paint can opener in a secure, out-of-the way slot, so you can always find your paint can opener.

How Hard WAS It to Close a Paint Can?
Harder than you’d think!

Some people think, how hard is it to close a paint can? In reality, it is a skill. It takes several measured taps of a hammer around the edge of the can.

If you hit harder than needed you will:
    • Buckle the paint can. It leaves less volume for the paint and may force paint out of the can. At the least, it’s unsightly and customers don’t want a buckled can.
    • Crimp the metal making it difficult or impossible to open. It can change the seal and allow paint to leak or dry out.
If you hit too lightly you will not seal the can properly. Then:
  • Paint can leak out.
  • The lid may come off- spilling paint all over the trunk of the car.
  • The paint will dry out.
  • You allow fumes to escape.

And suppose you hit the lid just right— you take the time to carefully give it six to eight measured taps. If there’s paint in the lip of the can, it can spatter across the room. Onto upholstered furniture, carpet, hardwood floor, a wallpapered wall, or onto your customer’s designer clothes.

How Long Did It Take to Design the Perfect Paint Can Closer?

It’s more involved than you would believe
The Paint Can Closer looks deceptively simple. A round bit of plastic with a targeted knob at the top for whacking.

Check out the technology page to learn what’s behind this straight-forward appearing invention.


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